Friday, August 08, 2008

A Short List of Things I Like To Do

Watching people hug, then guessing from the type of hug the relationship and/or situation. Airports are good places for this. Bus stations, bus stops, cafes.

Eavesdropping on conversations. Delicious.

Cloud watching, naming them, renaming them as they morph.

Pouring cream into coffee just for the explosion of swirls.

Playing with smoke. Incense works great for writing words in the air.

Spacing out. Just kinda staring, middle-distance, not thinking much.

Sticking fingertips into melted candle wax.

Listening. Closely.

Stopping lists short, then returning to them later. Or not.


Jodi Anderson said...

This is a yummy list ... especially eavesdropping and fingers in melted wax.

Have a great weekend, Jennifer.

Talia Reed said...

My husband and I had a fun game the other day at the park. There was a woman on a bench across the creek, with her head buried in her lap...we realized she was crying. She couldn't stop. She was also walking her dog. She was older, not a teenager, where this sort of emotion might be somewhat appropriate. Joe was sure someone had been unfaithful to her.

Susan said...

For explosions of swirls of another kind, I recommend watching closely as you slowly open a jar of vacuum-packed wheat germ.

Love your list--hope you return!