Monday, November 29, 2010

A quiver of words

This is the field where we fly our kites. Birds question us. This is the field, right here. See? It has a dip in it, and a sawed off piece of rusted pipe. Wild mustard. This is the cul de sac that you hate walking in, but we walk there anyway after dinner every night. We watch the seasons change by the decorations on our neighbors doors. This is the alleyway where you kissed me. The brick of the bank wall is rough. This is the sidewalk where you carried me piggyback, and this is the street you crossed. The bus driver smiled to see you carrying me, to see our smiles. This is the sky where you sometimes fly, thousands of miles above me. This is the paper airplane I made for you. See how the wind lifts it like a kite, a bird. This is the arrow that the sun sets on fire to blaze away from us.