Monday, December 17, 2012

First Grade

She loved to draw and looked like you,
he read books, she played scientist,
he pretended he was a distance
runner at recess. She took kung fu
lessons with her mom, he chewed
on paper (delicious), she was proud
of her older sister, he  bowed
to the teacher. Everyone laughed. You’d

find her coloring each cloud pink,
she kept a seashell and a penny
in her purse, she wore a dinosaur
print dress with sneakers, he liked to think
there was a castle inside every
dandelion. She rolled on the floor.

She dreamed of spiders, he twirled
his hair, she knew there were faeries,
She danced during math,  he buried
a toy gun, she shared her gum with Mary.
She said love is harder than spelling whisper,
She painted long lines, he threw kisses.