Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer's Other Rhythms

Summer rearranges my interests. I'm easily distracted, and take on many little projects all at once. Some days, when I get too humidity-slogged, I think I'm not doing anything worthwhile. I need to remind myself that summer offers up a different sort of rhythm than the other seasons of the year, and I should relax and recognize what it is I have managed to accomplish. So here's a little photoblog of what I've been up to this past week.

Quite possibly the worst photo (or most pornographic) of the Oscar Meyer WeinerMobile, ever. On our way to New York City last week, we got caught in a food conversation - we were all hungry. Jim and I were discussing the glory of Entenmann's cheese danish, and an Entenmann's truck appeared. Then hot dogs were mentioned, and The WeinerMobile passed us. We all laughed, took out our cameras, and snapped away. This is what I got. Interesting.

I spent some time with my mom last week while she went through some surgery. This is her cat, Miss Havisham. This was a rare moment. I usually only see her back end as she scuttles away into the basement.

A gift of newly-opened peonies from Mom's good friends.

We had shelves in the studio office/library rebuilt. On Monday, I repainted the entire room. It's cheery, and all the books are now re-shelved, the window has a sheer curtain (only $5!) and my desk is set up. Thanks to Dan, we now have wireless internet there too.

One of the supreme joys of spending days at the studio is making up the message for the sign. Monday's 2nd side was a haiku. Yesterday's sign read:

Most of our poetry books
cost less than 4 gallons of gas...
and take you farther.

Not a haiku.

The pantry before cleaning.

The pantry after cleaning. I have a lot of vinegar, so I cleaned out the coffeepot, too.
I can't stake a claim to this. Helen made this at school. Handbuilt. I like the glaze choices a lot.

Today I'll finish handlettering a children's story I wrote as a friend's baby shower gift. One of a kind! My hand got really tired yesterday doing the writing. I'm about halfway through the text. I also have wedding invites to make, a billboard to design, a book to layout, and various other projects in the queue. They'll get done. I just need to relax into them. Summer.

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Jodi Anderson said...

I am so glad that you are blogging again. I love reading your day-to-day words. Also, the peonies! I posted my peony photo last year around the same time that you posted a poem that mentioned blooming so hard, or something like that. I miss that poem. :)