Sunday, June 15, 2008

Being Mr. Do Bee

My father used to leave for work every morning briefcase in hand, and on his way out the door he'd say "Be a Do Bee," to me and my sister. For those of you who didn't watch Romper Room, there were two Bee characters - Mr. Do Bee and Mr. Don't Bee, who taught pre-schoolers the differences between right and wrong. The Do Bee Song was a bit of ridiculous fluff that was reminiscent of the Hokey Pokey. Being a Do Bee meant you used your manners, were polite and kind. Being a Don't Bee meant you were a slobbering jerk.

Today, when I hear my father's voice telling me to be a Do Bee, I act on it. This morning at church I heard him during a meditation (Happy Father's Day, Dad!), and when I got to the studio I opened up the packets of materials I received from Heifer International and read through them. Next week I'm starting a "Read-to-Feed" storytime at the studio that encourages kids to read books and gather sponsors to donate for each book they've read. At the end of the program, the funds go to purchase an animal through Heifer to help out a needy family. If this program works out, and the kids are interested, we'll start Get It: Global Education to Improve Tomorrow. I've already learned more about coffee and banana imports than I knew yesterday.

Is it the right thing to do? Unsure. The right thing to do would be to pursue some paying venture, probably. This feels like a good thing to do.

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Susan said...

Yes, it does. You're a good citizen. And a good daughter.