Monday, June 22, 2020

Imagine the Video Montage

Lettuces harvested this morning to be delivered tomorrow.
Cue the happy stock music! It's the Hill-Waber Family Homestead video! Imagine a fade in/out montage of the following:

Sweat dripping from eyelids while weeding.
Flies in the duck coop.
Engorged tick on a goat neck.
A flattened tick being slid into an envelope to send to the lab.
Poison ivy rash between the toes.
Planting corn angrily.
Mouse poop in the shed.
"What do you want for dinner?"
"I don't care."
Tater tots. Again.
Cat pee on the ottoman.
Two exhausted people on the sofa by 8 p.m.

And cut!

If you've ever done a YouTube search on anything like "how to trim a goat hoof" or "how to build a duck coop," you know the sunny videos I'm referencing above. Where everything is edited and just Wonderfarm! No ticks, no balking goat, no field of poison ivy. No one has a life like that. 

There's a lot of beauty here, and progress, and plenty to share. It is lovely because we work to keep it so. My eyelids sweat. I am in bed by nine. Today we finished weeding "the anger corn" and Dan tied up tomato plants while I trimmed low leaves from each plant. We did four rows and called it a day. I am wilted, sticky, smelly, and wringing this writing out of my spongy brain.

I took photos today, because it is beautiful here, especially in early morning light.

The ducks might find this tasty if they'd go on the pond.

So many bespoke insects.

The anger corn, fully weeded, with Rainbow Rutalegga, the scarecrow.
"Give us the saltines."
Tiger lilies blooming near the pond.
Morning light and pond.
Dan with the lettuce haul.
The Duck Squad, during morning rounds.
Microtoms. So sweet! They remind you that tomatoes are a fruit.
The driveway to the produce stand was started today.
Pure evil.

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