Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eight Trees

The game always works this way -- one person has all the answers
and the rest are in the dark, left to interpret questions,

It's summer, and I'm at a table of teenage girls
who can still eat grilled cheeses and wear sarcasm like a scarf.

The Umbrella is the game we play. Yesterday we all sat in a circle
as one girl murdered each of us one by one with her eyes.

Can I bring my solar powered furnace
under your umbrella?

No, you cannot, the lead girl says with a smile.

May I bring my hate under your umbrella?

No, you most certainly cannot bring your hate.

Can I bring my dull shed under your umbrella?

Nope. No dull sheds, sorry.

Um, can I bring my alcoholism under your umbrella then?

Yes, yes you may. Please do.


Jodi Anderson said...

I am very much enjoying these pieces, and the assembly as well.

Deloney said...

Well, I'm finally invited to an Umbrella party. Is it ok if I bring a couple of baguettes, cheese and wine?

And tell your Mom she was mentioned under the "Debbies" post on the Indigo Files blog.

Jenny Hill said...

Thanks, Jodi!

D, I'm so sorry, but your baguettes, cheese and wine can't come to the umbrella party. Hint: Look closely at the wording of how you ask.

I will tell Mom, but she'll see here I'm sure. And, now I'll go look! Thanks!

Indigo Bunting said...

Hmmmm. It's not Fanny Dooley.