Friday, May 16, 2008

Rainy Day Walkbike

Sometimes we have to work with what we've got for the storefront window of the studio. This is this week's offering - a half finished foam mask, an old phone, and an urgent message written on a kid's chalkboard. Next week I'll start spending more time at the studio - daytime hours. I'm gearing up for that.
I took a rainy, soggy walk to the Main Bike World today to pick up my new bike. I overshot the walk by about eight extra blocks because I was scouting out the back roads that would make a good bike route. By the time I got to the store, my pants were soaked, and my umbrella was about as helpful as a curtain of tissue paper draped over my head.

This is my sweet new ride to the studio. It's a good bike for trekking around town. Nothing fancy. I got a little wire basket for the front of it. Less gas use, plus up and downhill exercise is going to be really good for me this summer. The guys at Main Bike were genuinely surprised that I'd be riding home in the rain. If I saved the bike for just the sunny days then I'd hardly enjoy all it has to offer. The rain felt really good on my face and I couldn't help but smile while riding home.


Anonymous said...

I love that bike!

Susan said...

Good for you! I grew up on a bicycle in the city. Not so practical where I live now. Enjoy your rides . . . and all that toning and cardio.

Kristen said...

Nice bike. So stylish!

Indigo Bunting said...

Fabulous bike and fabulous photos!

Talia Reed said...

I think your window display is swell!