Monday, April 07, 2008

Trotsky's Chirp

This morning I started to record my two poems for The Chimaera. The editors said that it's an option to offer mp3 files, but it's one I wanted to try. I don't do much recording around here, and certainly don't have an acoustically sound set-up. I had to cover up the cockatiel to keep him from chirping while I recorded my two poems. "It's nighttime, Bananafish! Go to sleep while I speak these two poems, and then it will be morning again."

I think the poems are chirp-free.

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Talia Reed said...

I recorded a poem for a lit mag just last week. I don't have a microphone, so I used a phone service they offered (which was really nice and really easy by the way) and I had to wait until my husband took my daughter somewhere...not just because my house is too small to get away from a noisy toddler but also because I'm too embarassed to read my poem aloud for a recording within earshot of my husband. Silly.