Monday, January 28, 2013

Other People’s Happiness

Other people’s happiness
is not yours to hold. You
weren’t there for the flower
made of felt,  last night’s
baking scent still snugged
in the rafters, the titmouse
on the feeder. Confess,
that under your system,
everyone else’s happiness
may be as important to you
but you will never understand it.
The seeds of thistles, glory
of fire, temptress spots of the body,
cracked hands prized with dirt,
bootclack on the sidewalk,
salt spit at the corner of the mouth,
blue sky wine.

What pleases you
is not what pleases others,
and tapers to monosyllabic
in the attempt:
Street lamp winks off at dawn,
leaves creak shut, curl,
lift in the sun.

What other people own.

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