Monday, August 08, 2011

Deliberate Progress

purpose, or nothing

the bright path of rain
through green

water hunting power

desire's forest
(musk of mushroom)

the flat blizzard
of leaving a lover,
or the updraft

anger like a whalebone
stays at the ribcage

a blank page yawn
into a new alphabet

a ladder
for the victim

the dog
at your doorstep

essence of lilac
or first day
of journey

the skylight
or the whole meadow
of tiny suns
others called weeds

oh into the humming
dawn, stumblebeast

with handfuls of butterflies,
go on living.

- JH.


Jodi Anderson said...

More splendid than splendor. xo

Indigo Bunting said...

"anger like a whalebone
stays at the ribcage"

I can feel that.

Deloney said...

I like it when you look through a kaleidoscope.