Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Heat Is On

I'm the sort of writer who likes the feeling of having written something, anything. I don't like writing. It's work. I do it though because I like the post-writing elation.

The house was below fifty when I returned from the studio today. I lumbered into the basement, blew the cobwebs off the furnace, filled up the reservoir with water and turned on the heat. The house has that "the heat just kicked on" toasty scent now and I don't want to leave.


Susan said...

Yes, post-writing elation is wonderful. But so is writing in flow, when you're lucky enough to experience it. And so is writing humor, when you're in the mood for it. The rest of the time, I agree--writing is work.

Talia Reed said...


I have a kid in my class (8th grade English) whose a real whiz. He's applied to a private military boarding school next year. I need to vamp things up a bit for him as he's getting bored.

As far as poetry goes, I'd love to get him into it, but I have to be careful, he is only 13 or 14 and he lives in a fairly conservative community, but he's definitley up for a challange. I know you have experience with children and poetry...any suggestions for me?